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 FlatOut -2-

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Data de inscriere : 16/07/2008

MesajSubiect: FlatOut -2-   Sam Oct 30, 2010 6:52 am

Flatout (c) Bugbear Entertainment

Supplied by ....: HOODLUM Release Date ..: 2004/12/06
Cracked by .....: HOODLUM Game Type .....: Car

Protection ......: SD4
Number of CD(s) .: 2

Game Information

FlatOut is a high-octane, merciless racing game where ruthless drivers
wreck their cheap banged-up cars and demolish the abandoned racing tracks
while battling it out for the victory and prize money!

All eight cars start off side-by-side and any driver can come into (and
if lucky, out of) the critical first turn as the head of pack. As the
track then quickly narrows down the race can easily turn into a very busy
wrecking site. This leaves the player with two options: either to give in
to the road rage or to attempt surviving the clash without taking too much

It is every man for himself by any means possible! The cars become weapons
as drivers bang into each other sending the cars into cart wheels over tyre
walls and breaking through roadside buildings. The drivers are not spared
either. Crash head first into a steel bridge or a concrete wall and your
driver will fly through the windshield and beyond!

1. Unrar
2. Burn BINCUE
3. Install
4. Copy crack from HOODLUM dir on CD1 to installdir
5. Play!

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FlatOut -2-
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